Partners and Networks

Space2Live is member of Eine Welt Netzwerk Bayern and the Nord Süd Forum München.

Moreover, we cooperate with a number of organizations:


The Erbacher Foundation supports development cooperation projects around the world with the specific aim to improve the quality of life in rural areas. Space2Live cooperates with the Foundation in the fields of livestock farming, crop production, drinking water supply and environmental protection.

The Internationale Ländliche Entwicklungsdienst (ILD) supports initiatives to improve the situation of poor communities in rural areas in a variety of countries around the world. ILD has supported Space2Live´s project to strenghten the land rights of the Dalit community in India

lh muenchen

The City of Munich´s Centre for International Affairs and the Department of Health and Environment support Space2Live through networking activities in the field of municipal development cooperation and provides human resources.


MISEREOR has been an important supporter of Space2Live from its early beginnings. With the networking and financial support of MISEREOR, Space2Live was able to implement a pilot project in  Zambia.

zambia land alliance2

The Zambia Land Alliance is a network of NGOs working for fair land policies and laws that take into account the interests of the poor. The organization promotes secure access, ownership and control over land through lobbying and advocacy, research and community participation. The Zambia Land Alliance has worked closely with Space2Live during its project in Zambia.


Caritas Zambia was established in 2001 to lead the work of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and the Catholic Commission for Development with the mandate to foster and uphold human dignity through the promotion of integral human development. The organization works with policymakers to ensure that the mining of Zambia’s mineral resources is conducted in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way, and that all Zambians may benefit from their country’s natural resources.

Space2Live has built a strong partnership with Caritas Zambia during its Land Registration Project.