SENEGAL – GPS mapping training and consultancy for reforestation of degraded forests on the Senegal River

Type of project: Mapping + Training

Status: Active; expansion of the project in preparation

Background Space2Live has been working with the Senegalese NGO Association of Senegal for Solidarity and Sustainable Development (AS2D) since 2016.

Since 2019, it has been supporting the women's cooperative in Thiangaye on the Senegal River on the border with Mauritania in growing vegetables, marketing them and setting up tree nurseries.

Starting Point For several years, the idea of ​​a “Great Green Wall” has been promoted in Sahel countries without success. This time, however, local grassroots groups that already have experience with reforestation projects are also to be involved. AS2D has now already conducted online training courses for simple mapping with the support of Space2Live and contributed to the development of a project document, see (section Events and Publications)


Proposals for this were placed since mid-2021, but implementation has been delayed due to the pandemic and other crises. Now the project would also be submitted to the Senegalese Forest Service, where other donors are also present. With the capacities now acquired for surveying, afforestation and irrigation, the chances are good and our consulting's assistance is  still very demanded.

AS2D tree nursery on the side of Senegal River.

Mapping for afforestation and irrigation
Vegetable cooperative SODAGRITH, partner of AS2D and Space2Live